About The Product

How do Heated Canvases work ?

Our Heated Canvases work based on an infrared heating panel with a canvas attached to the front. These heaters will help to quickly heat any room and look fantastic to boot.

You will also find that you receive energy savings from our heaters as Infrared heating works by heating the surface area of a room, rather than the volume (as is the case the traditional convection heaters), which means they are heating considerably less to provide the same amount of heat. This is the next generation of heating. Who wants an ugly radiator stuck behind a sofa, giving off little heat. 

Our Heated Canvases directly heat the walls, floor and ceiling of a building (the ‘thermal mass’). Once the thermal mass is warm, the building itself retains the heat for a period of time, so the heater only needs to be on to top up.

Our heated canvases are an industry first, never seen before..

We recommend all of our Canvases are used with a thermostat of some kind.. You can buy a plug in version and away you go.. Alternatively, if you are having it connected to the mains with the cable hidden in the wall, then we have some fantastic digital thermostats to use along side your piece of art.

Why not amaze your friends with our hidden heating behind a fantastic piece of art. You will be one of the first in the country to own a piece of cavass art that heats your house...

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