About Heated Canvases

What are Heated Canvases?

A Heated Canvas is an infrared heater that has a canvas print of your choice on the front. It is an industry first and you could be one of the first in the country to have one. We truly have full faith in this product and believe it is perfect for most rooms.

Monkey Canvas
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How does infrared heating work?

Infrared heating is the superior form of heating. Unlike a standard blower heater or storage heater, infrared heaters heat objects and surfaces rather than the air. Once an object (person, floor, ceiling etc.) has absorbed it's maximum amount of thermal energy, the air is then heated as a secondary.

The Benefits of a Heated Canvas.

There are a multitude of benefits to owning a Heated Canvas. One of which is that it is space-saving making it ideal for interior design. They are personalised .They are energy saving. They are eco-friendly and they are Energy efficient. Doesn't circulate dust, allergens or pollen unlike blower heaters, making it perfect for those susceptible to allergies. Reduces damp and condensation. And not to mention the numerous benefits to the body such as muscle recovery and raising low body temperature.

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How to use?

A Heated Canvas can be mounted on any wall in the house that has access to a plug socket. Alternatively, you could have it connect straight to the mains via a cable in the wall. We also have a range of digital thermostats that can go along side a canvas.

If you have any other questions or queries, please consult our FAQs page or get in touch.